prayer for my relationship with my husband to be pure and loving

by Atu (Uk)

Dear Lord,

I come to you in humble manner as i know how. I ask for forgiveness that I may cause to you or anybody I know. Please accept my apology. I am asking for a restored relationship between me and my future husband DM. I am asking for a divine intervention in our lives that DM will come to know his wrong doing and accept that he is the one who is wrong and to stop flirting and being friendly to women.

May he see that it is wrong as it causes problems in our relationship. I do believe that he is the one but I need your signal in this matter. Lord, I also ask for my visa to come asap so i can be free and go and visit my family. I will wait patiently for love to be restored,visa granted,open doors to new life,financial breakthrough,strength,getting married,having children,prosperity and hope. I challenge you to show me something tonight in regards to my relationship with DM,if he is not the one, I will let go bcoz i know you have a perfect man in stored for me. In Jesus’ name,