prayer for my relationship to be saved

by Zaara (India)

i am in a relationship i know god only brought him in my life..but now his old lover who ditched him once came back and insisting him to go back to her..even his mom supporting her of course his mom do not know about me i wanted to tell my parents and his on a same time..thus i stopped him from telling before but now..

this only creating problem…i am feeling guilt i stopped him…we do not want to go against our parents..if that girl herself go away everything will be okay please pray..i am so in depression..because its only comes in my mind because i stopped him…this problm is here..please pray that girl goes away..

please pray my lovers mom change her mind and stop supportting the girl who ditched her own son we both do not want to go against our parents..we want to marry with our parents concerns and it will happen only if that girl leaves us