Prayer for my relationship to be restored

Dear Father,

I am a mess. I am confused and lost. Im taking my boyfriend for granted. I dont know where i went wrong and changed. I was head over heels in love and these past 3 years have been the best. You blessed me with a perfect man. He was all i ever wanted and asked for. Everything i wanted in a guy. I dont understand why i grew so cold. I love you father. You have never done me wrong or will ever. You helpped me so many times and with my relationship to. Im bipolar. I need you. I pray that you will soften my cold heart and open my eyes to the wonderful man you have given me before its too late. Please restore my relationship. My feelings. My love. I know i love him. I would go crazy without him. Please father. My relationship is in your hands. In Jesus name. Amen.

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