Prayer for my relationship and to get employment

by Rehabeam Nalitye (Windhoek, Namibia)

Hallo dear brethrens! i would like you guys to join me in prayer for God to heal my relationship. Lets pray togather for God to distroy what the devil has set against my relationship,for God to expose the plans of the devil against my relationship and whoever is behind my relationship to disappear in the name of Jesus. Lets pray togather dear brethrens, if this relationship is really from GOD, He must restore back the lost love, peace nad joy in my relationship and He must strehthern it more and for us to always rememeber Him in our relationship.

I completed my studies last year in Finance Management, first i would like to thank God for giving me a chance for an internship at the Ministry of Health, I would like you guys to pray for me to get a job as i am currently looking for a job. I thank you very much dear brethrens, may GOD bless you more in abudance and continue to do that grat work He has called you for. AMEN!

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