Prayer for my purpose in life and direction

by Cat (UK)

I ask for prayer to give me hope and direction. I have no idea what God wants me to do next. If its God’s will I would like to be an Art therapist but have no money to fund the fees.

I pray that if its God;s plan for me to follow this path that the money will come from somewhere.

I am often lonely even though I know many people. It seems that if I was no longer here I wouldn’t be missed. Its just how it feels sometimes.

I would like to have a good Christian man in my life but again if its God’s will.

Someone said that God likes specific requests not vague ones. So I ask for a man with charisma, dark in looks, integrity and great sense of humour, artistic and intelligent. Thanks you Lord.

I pray also that the years I have left on the earth will be useful to God’s Kingdom.

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