Prayer for my Protection. I feel so worried and depressed

Dear Lord, I feel so worried and depressed. I find myself in a dark place again. I keep reading bad information concerning my mistake and live in total fear. I know now what has happened and have not heard from anyone but, I am sure it is being looked at. It is so terrible, I dont have the will to live anymore if this comes to a head. I am so close to retirement and dont want anything to derail that. I have come so far for that to happen. I did not put up with a lot of bad things and people to have something like this be taken from me. I hear bad people seem to come out ahead and good people get hurt. Sometimes bad people get theirs in the end, but, not without hurting more and more good people. I was stupid to have trusted and now it has affected me including my health. I keep praying to you Lord, but, I still feel no better than I did when this all began. The house of cards keep falling and I dont know what to expect next or when. I won’t know until it does. It will be like a thief in the night. Please Lord, Please do not forsake me!!! Please!!! Please protect my living so I can pay my bills. Bad times are ahead and I hear some hard decisions will be made in Oct. What now? I sometimes wish I were never born to have to go through all this. Please give me hope. I never ask much from you. I just need to know you are listening to me and that I know I can go to you anytime for help and guidence. I just need a sign. In your holy name I pray. AMEN

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