Prayer for my Protection From Evil

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all your blessings you have given me. I praise and honor you each day of my life. I have dedicated my life to you, Lord Jesus for all you have done for me. Now I give my life to you to do as you wish. Each morning in honor and a promise I have made to you is to memorize The Lord’s Prayer, The Twenty Third Psalm and the Serenity Prayer. This is my way of showing you complete devotion and love for you. I pray each morning and each day, that YOU continue to protect me from the evil that I faced back in late Dec. and in February. I pray that no other evil attacks me ever again from this incident.

I want to move on with my life and be able to retire and leave my children something after I am gone. Please, I beg of you to protect me from this. This is so important for my survial. So far I feel my prayers are being answered and pray you will continue to protect me. For I ask all this in your holy name, Jesus Christ. AMEN

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