Prayer For My Protection and Prosperity

O Heavenly Father, I come to you in prayer to ask forgiveness for all my sins and to help me. I am so thankful for your protection so far and need continued protection. I have suffered money loss for the past year and cannot hold up to anymore loss.

I work hard for my money and need you to protect me from being dunned again. I want to be able to retire without anymore financial burden. I have suffered so much these past few months and after one prayer was answered another warning was given to me about taxes.

I was used last year and by that, it has costed me dearly in addition to being robbed. I have to pay two credit cards because of this. I need help Lord. I just can’t take anymore bad news to come. Please help me, Lord.

Please protect me from them. Please I want to be able to retire and for my health to hold up. I just cannot take anymore of this. Please help me, Lord! I beg of you! In your holy name I pray, Jesus Christ! AMEN