Prayer for my partner to come back to our relatioship.

by Elsa (Ontario)

O blessed St Jude. I pray to you ,please help me and my partner of ten years that we may cherish those good times and love with each other.That my partner would realized that our love made us survived those trials in life we had together.

Please St. Jude i pray to you that he would come back to our relationship.I pray to you that he may have a stable mind and in good spirit to think that we had a good relationship and for him to realized that there so much issues in his life that made him angry and blaming the relationship for that.

St. Jude i pray to you that his stubbornness would be lessen and please help him to fill his heart with joy, happiness and fulfillment that he is looking for the same as i do. I believe that one day my partner will realized all this and come back to me by you.

Thank you St Jude Please help me to stand up on my feet during these difficult time.Please dont allow Ill advices to ruin us. Please take us away from evil and temptations.Amen.

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