Prayer for my parents health

by Joyal Christian (Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

I am Joyal Christian here.I want you pray for my parents. My parents is aged.My dad age is 69 and my mom age is 64. My dad had a heart surgery two years ago and he has diabetes too. And my mom having a knee problem and some times she makes unable to breath completely.

And since couple of day she having an allergy.She doesnt feel comfortable and she is the only woman who cooks and do house hold works in my home.And my dad also having a pain in his heart at where he got stitches when he had heart surgery. I am the only son who looking after of them. And I feel so worry about them.And because of that they feel stress, and making dispute because of illness.Its my humble request to you please pray for my parents they need a prayer and I believe that Jesus Christ`s blood can heal them.

Please also pray for peace in my house.We are suffering a lot. Its my heartful request to you. Jesus Christ loves you.