Prayer for my only child to do well in school and life

by Noelle (USA)

Dear Lord, I ask that you will be my child’s shinning light, and guidance to life. He will be starting first grade soon. He has speech delayed and developmentally delayed in many areas. I pray that his speech will improve so that he will not be laughed or made fun at by other kids. I pray that his teacher is kind and patient with him because he doesn’t know how to do many stuffs on his own due to his development delayed. I pray that he will be healthy, alert and make many friends in school.

I pray that he will be a hardworking, well mannered, adaptable little guy. I pray that he will be kind and respectful to everyone around him. I pray that he will do well in school socially and academically. I pray that Lord you bestowed your blessings on him. Thank you Lord. Amen!

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