Prayer for My One True Love

by Michael (Tustin)

I pray Lord for the woman I love, I ask that you guide her down the right path. For her vocation and Career and Love. For her Happiness and eternal salvation. God I ask that all the Angels and Saints to protect her from evil for the rest of her days and that the warmth of your Love always be in her heart.

That her smiles and laughter be plentiful and abundant in Joy. that Peace always be with her and follow her for the rest of her days. Lord, I ask that you shine down upon her and help her to see her self worth and value which is a million times higher than what she holds herself to. That friends comfort and be with her through her struggles. God If i am the right man for her God i will spend the rest of my Life showing her how much I love her because I know Forever wouldnt be long enough for us and our Love. I just hope and believe deep down inside we are meant for each other. Keep us pure and guide our Hearts in the right direction.

I love you Lord because you gave me the one person that helped me to see that you were real. I humbly ask for our Love and place it in your Sacred heart O Jesus and let it be known amongst the Heavens of my prayer and that I do Love her and Thank you I am Forever grateful to you and her. Give me the patience and understanding that Love requires. Let your will be done Merciful God, Thank you all for prayin for me