Prayer for My Nieces and Parents to be Reunited

by Robin (Kentucky)

Dear Lord,

I have been very fortunate in so many ways. Thank you for your support and kindness. However, my family needs some relief from the trauma and pain we have endured for the past 2 1/2 years since my brothers illness.

My younger brother and only sibling passed away last September from a rare cancer. He left behind two beautiful girls, he was strong for them always and imbued them with hopes and dreams and strength.

He was primary caretaker of the girls. However, upon his death his former wife severed ties with our family. We do not know why except that she herself lost her father at a young age and was traumatized by these events.

We do not want the girls to think we have abandoned them.My parents the girls only grandparents have not seen them in 10 months, neither have I nor their uncle or their only cousin. Aside from their mom and us they have no other family all hearts are broken. We want to heal our family, and be reunited.

We welcome their mom into our lives and always have. Please pray that we will be reunited and can remain in their lives so we might honor their dad, heal and gain strength from one another as a family. Thank you for listening

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