Prayer for my new tutoring business growth

by Gali ()

Dear Lord, Please help me in my urgent situation. Please send profitable clients to me, school children and students, who need help in school and college/university subjects and want to have individual help. I know I can help those people to be academically successful.

I want to help my tutors who have financial difficulties too and are very talented and knowledgeable. I feel guilty because I have not given them any job yet, though I am doing everything to recruit clients to my company. It’s my new company and I have no other financial support. I truly believe that I am capable to be an excellent business owner and am really passionate about what I do best. Dear Lord, Please pray for me and let those people who are seeking my help, find me, please let parents know that I can be the one who can provide the best of one-on-one tutoring help to their children.

Dear Lord, Please help me be healthy, strong, and faithful in myself and You, give me strength to move forward, educate me each and every day on what I need to know and how to act, and protect me from all evil and jealousy.
I will always honor You in my prayers. Amen.

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