Prayer for My New Marriage

Please help us thru these difficult financial times, please help us prevent a divorce. Please let my Husband see how his emotional distance hurts us, please help us find away to get along, and Love eachother. And Please bless us sexually, and heal our wounds sexually, God, you know how deep these wounds are.Please help us connect in this way and emotionally again.

Please bring us together, make us be friends again, and help us bring eachother joy. Please God let us find some happiness together. Please let him Find Love in his heart for me and my daughter. Please dont let him put us away.

Please remove the fear and negativity in my heart.

Please hekp my Husband become a better person thru all this. Please let him see, I love him, and Im not the enemy.

and if its your will, a new baby.

Thank you God, Jesus, Amen

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