Prayer for My Need of Money


Dear Lord, I never thought I would’ve in this situation but because of my

Stupidity I am. My husband and I have a business that we are trying to
Sell at the moment, we need money dear Lord to keep us going until we
Sell. I carry all this worry and stress on my shoulders and I don’t think I
Can do it for much longer, please dear Lord, please help us to find the
Money to pay the rent for another month so we ca sell our business and
Help us find a buyer really fast, someone that can see the potential there
Is in our business. I know all this is my fault and the guilt does not let me
Live. My husband will never forgive me if we lose everything. Please help
Us dear Lord, I don’t want to lose my husband and my family over this, We
Just need a second chance. I have learned from my mistakes and I ask for
Your help from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Lord for all that I have
Help me not to lose it !!!! Thank you so much for your help !!!!

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