Prayer for my need of money for me and my two kids

by Shana (Tampa)

Desperately in need of money for me and my two kids we are struggling to make ends meet we sometimes have to beg for money to put gas in car and food on the table we are in need of clothes food furniture and a brand new car because the engine is goin out on the dodge neon we now have my son has big dreams of being an acter on tv yet he is disabled he likes electronics yet we cant afford all the enjoyable goods but our main concern is a new car and clothes baby is two and she has outgrown all her clothes its just a struggle for us we really need prosperity in our lives my mom has cancer and she always moody.

I pray that you pray for her to have restore love in her heart and call more on god and jesus she wears same clothes for four years same pants shirt etc cause we jus cant afford to buy new clothes or anything on set income because of the young baby needs care one one and son needs my attention its only us in the household now a car would really cheer us up.

ive contacted ellen degeneres and others to lend a hand in no returns yet we wont give up but pray for us and our prosperity we need it bad and now a break waiting at the mailbox everyday hoping for a break money is our need god please bless us help us heal us remove the enemy holding us down in back in life rebuke his power over us thank you friends …