Prayer for my mother’s health

by Francisca (City)

My mum believed in You, Lord. But she found out she had a tumor in her back. That is a serious tumor because it can’t be removed. It didn’t cause her any problems, but, three years has passed and she found out the tumor has grown.

I’m sorry because is difficult for me to believe that something might heal her, but I’m so wrong, because you promised me to heal us. You promised you would take care of us. But I feel so sad and depressed right now.

My mum is all I have on earth, losing her would be losing my whole life. I love her, God. I don’t want her to go. She doesn’t believe in You yet, but I know she will, I just have to believe in your power God, but is so hard. I can’t deal with it just now.

I’m in so much pain and I don’t want my life to drift away because of this. I’m too young, God. I know this sounds selfish, but I wonder, Why me? I just want you to give a chance, God. I want to trust you and believe in you, but sometimes, it hurts too much.

Please, pray for me and my family. I don’t know God’s plans, but I need to believe, because He can do anything. My faith and strenght is not enough.

I need you God to tell me that everything is going to be alright. I just want a second chance so I can be happy.

Please help me to believe.

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  1. Good luck to You

    Life can be very difficult some times. Don’t lose hope. Remember that we all must go through such things whether its fair or not…

    Check out this image… It helped me get through a bad day or two.

  2. Faith

    I’m here because my mom is also very ill. I’m telling you what I’m telling myself. You have to have Faith. Do you believe in miracles and blessings? I do, God has blessed up so many times, more times than we know. I know you are so very scared right now and feel lost. But if you can totally open up and let God in he will feel you with such love and peace and Faith. You, we, need to believe.

    Don’t feel guilty or think your selfish because your scared of what would become of you without your mom. You need her and love her. Bless you & your mom. Your in my prayers.

  3. Prayer Fr My Mom

    My mom is ill…she has tuberculosis. ….she is an asthmic patient , she cant bear the pain,i am worried abt her, she is the best and seeing her like this makes me cry….

    Lord u r the only one who can save her….i believe in you……i am sry fr all the things i committed . ..pls forgive me Lord,and heal my mom . …
    Please pray fr my mom . …with ur prayers my mom will lead a healthy life…its my humble request to you . …pls pray that she might b cured of her tuberculosis and asthma….pls…

  4. mental disease

    my mother is ill…. She is a mental patient…. I am sry for this commitmeent.pls god save her…. I am very unhappy in this matter… Pls god help she might be cure and good health…pls pls she better for good conditions…. Pls help us….. Amen.

  5. Safe guard Mother

    Dear God,
    Please safe guard my mother from enemy torturing for money.I wish her to be always happy & peace

  6. mom helath

    Dear Lord
    I kindly pray for ur help to heal my mother as u know from 2 days she has been suffering with high blood pressure. So pls heal her Lord. I love my mom so much. And she is the one me nd my bro had on this earth. We all believe ur great works Lord U can do miracles then and also now. So pls heal my mother and give her good health. Thank u Lord. In the name of Jesus i pray these words.

  7. Pray for my mother

    Pray for my mother, my mother has CKD kidney disease.. because of higher urea and cretenine level, she’s not eating food proper … Doctor says go for dialysis…
    Please heal my mother ohh god…

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