Prayer for my mother

by Petunia (Barbados)

Dear God, I know that my mother is 90 years old and you said that we must surely die. But she is mobile and still has her memory, her sense of humour and could be a sweet person. Her drop in blood sugar and blood pressure was such a shock but she has rebounded greatly for her age and has baffled me.

I pray that you would allow her to stay on this earth a little longer. I pray also God for my brother who wants me to give him her money. Father, it hurt me deeply that he wants to be paid for taking her to the doctor and for visiting her at the nursing home and wants to borrow the money that I saved for her funeral expenses, It really hurts and you see my grief and my tears.

God help me to get the loan which would allow me to install the bathroom facility downstairs that she could return to her own house. Help me also to get someone good who would volunteer to stay with her during the day and on the evenings when I go to the university.