Prayer for my Mother who needs a miracle

by Rick (Houston,Tx.)

My mother Mary has been in Hospice several months and was stable but not really improving. It was at her own request after she didn’t improve in rehabilitation, she told my sisters that after my Dad died 2 years ago she had nothing left to live for. She suddenly got worse and they told us she’s now in the final stages of life.

Doctors say she has no life threatening illness keeping her from improving but she’s lost the will to live, stopped eating, given up and won’t try to get better. Her family is praying for a miracle,standing by her and doing everything humanly possible to encourage, support and urge her to eat and fight harder but her spirit isn’t willing.

She’s always been a fighter and taught us all to never, ever give up while there’s hope of the smallest chance of life left so we’re doing just that because she truly has so much to live for even though she can’t see it now. Prayer is our only hope and faith that God will heal her mind, body and spirit.

Please pray for her full recovery and to return her to a positive belief that she has everything to live for and the will to fight the depression and work to get her life back. Thank you for all your prayers and may God bless.

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