Prayer for my mother who is on life support in hospital

God our Father in heaven I pray for mother who is breathing with the support of the machine. Give her the peace that she never found. All she ever did was give to us. Forgive us, her children, for having neglected her so badly. We did not care enough for her. We did not spend time with her. We did not care for her meals. We did not talk to her kindly. We did not show her love. We did not show her respect. We did not provide for her needs especially medical needs. Today she is in hospital in a critical condition because of our neglect. Forgive us Father for having treated your daughter so badly. Forgive us Jesus. Forgive us Jesus. Forgive us Holy spirit. Mother definitely Loved You Jesus. She was a woman of prayer. She believed in you. She did not give up her Faith. She suffered Jesus. Forgive us Jesus. Give mother the peace and strength to go through the treatment the doctors are giving her. I ask this in your most precious name. Amen.