Prayer for My Mother to Get Well Soon

by Paul (Dighton, MA, USA)

Dear God,

Please watch over my mother who is in the hospital and in need of prayers and watching over. She is so important to me and my heart breaks to see her in pain. She loves Jesus so much and although sometimes I question you and why you do the things you do, deep down I have faith that you are watching over my sweet mother who deserves to lead many more years of a healthy life under your watch here on earth. You test our faith and it’s time like these that I seem to be drawn to you. I will try my best to follow your commandments and not be selfish to only ask for your blessings, but offer my prayers daily to all that our suffering. I feel like a knife has cut my heart, but I know it’s you reminding me that I should have faith and remember that you are here to watch over my mother. I don’t know what else to say, but I know that you’re listening to my words and pain I feel seeing my mother suffer.

I love my mother so much and would hope that you give her the strength to recover.

In the name of the father, son and holy spirit.

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