Prayer for my mother suffering from Gall-stone

by Ravi Dayal (Allahabad, UP, India)

Please pray for my mother, Mrs. Neelima Dayal, as she is suffering from gall-stone and needs to be operated. But she is also suffering from high diabetes and therefore can not be operated now. Our financial condition is not so good and we need some time to arrange money for her surgery. Please pray that Lord gives her the power to cope with the excruciating pain in the time we arrange money for her operation.

Its 1am, and she is suffering from severe pain right now and not able to sleep properly. Please pray that Lord gives her complete healing from the disease and give her the power to endure this pain.

I believe that the power in His blood is more than enough to heal my mom completely, without any surgery. So, please pray for my mom, she really needs a miracle!! Amen.

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