Prayer for my mother in a sinful relationship

by A (Germany)

Dear Lord, I come before You because I am facing a very conflicting situation – for over 11 years, my mother, an Orthodox Christian, has been divorced and has been fornicating with a man she is not married to. He had left her because of his financial problems, but now my mother wants to take him back in next year, January 15th.

I have been strongly against this as this was a sinful relationship, and even cohabiting outside of marriage is sinful. My mother defiantly said she is entitled to her happiness and blames me for him not coming, as I have voiced my discontent quite strongly.

Lord, I beg of you to save my mother’s immortal soul from the fiery pit, as she is guilty of aborting 5 children from this man. I beg of you, this man is the source of her sinfulness – do not allow him to set foot in our house and open my mother’s eyes. Bring my mother to repentance, and let Your will be done.


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