Prayer for my mother for her positive biopsy

by Gotta Have Faith (USA)

Greetings to everyone and may God bless all of us with our holy father above.. I am asking to all of you if you can help to pray my mother, Today Dec 20, 2012 my mom got called from her gynecology, and told her that her biopsy came back positive, the doc told her to go back on Monday to discus whats need to be done.. I am hoping that its not worst than her last one because the last time she had the cervical cancer the higher stage, I always believed in miracle i know you wont see it but i also know that our lord God can deliver his miracle in many ways….

Thank you for all your prayers i know power prayers is like power healing…..

Everyday should always Christmas day….we always need to celebrate everyday for Christmas not just once a year…..

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