Prayer for my mother and our relationship

My mother is upset with me because I can not support myself. I am trying but she will not let me stay at her house even on cold nights. It costs a lot of money to stay at hotels or keep my car running for heat. My sister and family live at her house rent free and my sister will not allow me in the house because of jealousy.

My mother is caught in the middle and sides with my sister and her family because they bully my mom. They live in the house rent free. Please help this situation to be more Christian.

Please help me not to upset my mother and get on my own soon. Help my mother to not say bad things to me to stop the bullying from my sister’s family.

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  1. Mom

    Good morning
    I will pray for you this morning
    Please seek out your local catholic
    Church thru the catholic charities program
    You can get help to get back on your own
    Employment etc
    Go to church each week even if it is to drop
    In during the day and pray

  2. Trust God

    I’m praying for you. First that you can find employment immediately — a job where you will feel confident going to every day and that will bring you joy and contentment. “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27

  3. Glory to Jesus

    God is with you brother/sister you’re not alone, what’s your name? I’ll have you in my Prayer. God Bless.

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