Prayer for my most cherished daughter and for her success in school and in life

by Nwdforswd (Garner, NC, US)

Please help my 7 year old, First Grader daughter who has been having difficulty with staying focused on her school work and on the tests her teachers give her. They have been working with her 1:1 and have told me that she might be held back next school year if she can’t do her lessons and assessments independently.

She can do the work as is evident by the grades on her assignments and tests. I know she is distracted by our home life and by her dad’s behavior and attitude towards me. She fears for my safety and thinks about it when she should be focused on her work. We are having her tested to see if she truly has any learning problems. Please let these be minor if found, and let her school be able to handle them, create a plan and promote her to the next grade. I love her school. It is a good school. She has lots of friends and feels safe there. She is learning a lot and learning about our faith and you our Lord, so I want to keep her there if possible. To be held back will make her lose her friends, her feeling of security and her self-esteem will be shattered. Also her dad will react violently to me and her Grandmother, since we are responsible for her learning and homework at home. His actions and involvement will further put her off track. I can not tell our doctor or her school about him. You know this. It would affect her life even more negatively and I am sure I would end up in further danger.

I pray to you to intervene, make her healthy and whole, make your light shine upon her and give her peace. Ease her mind so she can focus and succeed. Give her teachers and doctors the wisdom to help her through this trying time and keep her on track.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; Amen.

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