Prayer for My Monthly Bills

by Keith (Wisconsin)


I ask for your intercession for money to be able just to pay my bills monthly. I thank you for the work you have provided, but the finances brought in aren’t enough. I thank you for the volunteers at the food pantry, that I may eat. But Lord, at age 54, I need to be self-sufficient. I’m not asking for millions, just enough to get by monthly. Please Lord, I know that all things come to us in your time, but sometimes your time and ours don’t coincide. Please Lord, all I ask is enough to get by on, without further debt. Perhaps a new job, perhaps some sort of windfall. Whatever you can find in your heart to provide, I will greatly praise.

Thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me. I ask for this one blessing that I may live a more stress-free life, one not tied to the worries of finances.

In Christ Jesus’ holy name, I offer this prayer.

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