Prayer For my mom battling several illnesses right now

by Tamika (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Hi I would like for you all to please help me pray for my mother Geraldine. She was rushed to the hospital October 30, 2012. She has had kidney cancer almost a year ago and was recovering for that still. Her bowels weren’t functioning well and they went in and discovered Colon cancer. This is a big shock to me.

I’m so scared and I keep on praying though, but I can’t stop crying. She wasn’t breathing on her own because it hurt for her to breathe. She’s sedated currently. If she was able to pray, she would be praying very hard. She also had cancer at the age of 7 and was praying hard she said. I’m so scared because she only has one kidney and the other kidney isn’t too good. she has high blood pressure and her lungs weren’t too great.

Today is November 2, 2012, she has to have another surgery because something erupted inside and they need to drain fluid. I just hope the lord and God can find it in their hearts to protect and shield my mother with their loving and healing rays. Thank you all for reading this and for the prayers.