Prayer for my mom and all other sick people

by Atisha (Monticello, Ky, United States)

Dear God first off I just want to thank your for this day and ask that you could please bless and watch over my momma and make her better God take away all of her cancer and sickness Lord guide her to get her strength back and all of her pain to go away Lord make her happy and keep her faith and belief in getting better and make it her faith and belief get stronger as well. Lord doctors have said there’s not much they can do but my mom has so much more to do and she needs to be here to watch her grandkids grow up Lord she misses playing with my little sister and niece and nephew so much she just wishes for things to get back to normal. Lord guide not only my mom to keep strength and faith but all of the family as well and please forgive me at anytime for doubting you because I really feel like my momma is going to be one Lord just give us a sign an pass it on to my momma to Lord. Heal my momma in Jesus name. Also, Lord guide us to find a cure for all cancers in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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