Prayer for my miracle prayer st jude pray for me

by Daphnee (Boston Ma)

St jude pray for me n the baby eli. protect us watch over us guide us pray for my family pray for my enemies pray for my friends pray for stranger thats coming to my life people that i i know n i dont know n people that. i alredy. know pray for my problems my tribulation pray for my weakness please give me faith n passience to deal with whatever that comes in my way pray.

For eli. my baby thats having a hard time lately. pray. for jessica thats hunting my baby give him peace n quiet to sleep at night time. n day time . n everyday help my baby please pray. for him pray. for the new girls n the old ones thats in the shelther give them peace give them housing fathergod pray. for me. to get a house i did not get the first one n im here for more then 2years help me pray. for me to get out of the shelther ive been there to long help me please pray. for me protect me in anything that im doing n everywhere i go n whom im with fathergod pray. for. my pain thats on my feet i cant bearly walk pray. for my problems pray. for my benefit they cut them. pray. for tierra n her girl i hope it last pray. for her to get a nice man pray. for jessica that dont like none of us in the shelther n shes doing voodoo on our babies pray. for tierra that have a bad temper she wont come down n disrespect everyone pray for wilson that dont like me. pray.

for nanoune thats talking bad about me everyday pray. for my life i dont know where i belong anymore cause people makes me feel unhappy stressfull pain hurt they so mean to me pray for lindsa n her husband thats having problem n pray. for lindsas cousing thats causing drama in the family pray. for my sister. thats very mean n rude to her mother they dont get alone for some reason. pray. for my babys father. its been two years u havent seen him or heard from him pray. For stephanie. bastien to get aa nice man in her life pray. for us fathergod pray. for my future pray. for katrina that dont. like me n she dont want her kids pray for those kids to have a nice family n a nice home pray. For us have mercie on us st jude pray for ashley thats having a hard time. n she like me. at all pray. for me to get a home soon pray for gail thats putting me in trouble with the staff n katrina pry for jerry that want to use me pray. for me fathergod help me give me strenght to do what im suppose to do for my. son help me pray for us in jesus name i pray. a amen