Prayer for my military career to be saved

by Connor (RAF Lakenheath, England)

I’m in the Air Force and have served for almost 18 years, but am looking at possible discharge actions against me. If I told you the reasons you would probably laugh because they are nit picky lame things.

I have never been in trouble with the law, done anything illegal, no drugs or alcohol issues, this has to do with people really not liking me & claim it’s my work performance which I think is pretty good. Anyway, I’ve served all these years & may get nothing from it.

I only need 1 more year to apply for retirement & another year to officially retire. Please, I have wife & 3 children that depend on me as this is our only livelihood.
Please pray that God will retain me for just another 2 years in the Air Force so I can retire.

Thank you,