Prayer for My Marriage’s Strength

by Kristy (Sydney)

Dear Lord

I have been married for just over four months and I am nearly eight weeks pregnant. My Mother in Law as you know has been not very nice to me, causing anxiety and depression and now I have been staying away from her so I can relax and breath without crying or feeling stupid. She Calls him almost every day as you know and he has been there every day almost as you know and spent hours there without pay helping her around the house and still has no job, for almost a year now, please stop this interference and gossip and please help him to show the affection I deserve, Look for work and not starve me emotionally anymore, also help him to find beauty in me and desire me, instead of being preocupied with women on Tv or who sidle up next to us in the street , shopping or medical centre or from the past,

Please help him to put us first and actually find Joy and fullfillment in his marriage, Please help his mum to stop offering him alcahol to keep him around if thats why she doese?

Please help him to want to provide for us and to be faithful and gentle and pure of body, mind, soul and spirit, PLease deliver us from outside influences that threaten our marriage and stop people from interfering or dividing us, please give them something else to do and find Joy in. Please help my husband to find a job this week and me to find another Job again,

Please enkindle the flame and passion in our marriage and help us to cling to one another and please make me physically atractive for my husband so he has a beautiful wife and please change my heart into a loving heart like Mother Mary, Thank You Lord for everything, you are my reason for living,I belong to you and I am forever Yours