Prayer for My Marriage’s Restoration

by Jay (Atlanta)

Please join me in prayers for my marriage is or rather has fallen apart.I pray for God to soften my wife’s heart for her to forgive me and come back to me in Jesus name.

I ask for her forgiveness and am a changed man having realized what she meant to my life.I want my wife back God marriage is sacred marriage a wife is a gift from God and am not going to let the devil take a way my gift from God.
What God has brought together let no wana make asunder.

I pray for those who have contributed to our break up and ask God to forgive them in Jesus Name Amen.
I forgive my wife for any thing bad she may have done to me both seen and unseen.

Father in the name of Jesus you know my pain my worries and my fears.
you are my refuge and strength.
Father let you will be done in Jesus Name Amen

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