Prayer for my marriage

by AJD (USA)

Lord I need you touch my marriage in a powerful way. Lord I’ve never seen our marriage this bad before we argue all the time about every and anything. I no longer trust him and I don’t know how to get it back. He is selfish and don’t appreciate anything I do for him considering he don’t work.

Nothing is good enough for him he sees nothing wrong with his behavior. He has lied to me and I’ve caught him in his lies but he says it’s not like I think it is if that’s true then why lie. No I don’t think he is sleeping with her but his feelings maybe tied up in it. I don’t know what to-do Lord I love my husband but I don’t wanna be a fool for him anymore.

I don’t wanna feel used by him. If it’s not meant to be after 15 years then remove him from me. LORD PLEASE SAVE MY MARRIAGE IF ITS IN YOUR WILL