Prayer for my marriage

by Mary (France)

Dear Lord,

For over a year, I have been living through the hardship of seeing my husband fall into the spiral of depression and addiction. And at the same time, for over a year, I have been given the grace of knowing Your love and all its forms that come to me and my family. Thank you, Father, for that grace.

Although my husband says he wants to heal the scars, and I don’t doubt that he loves me, he also continues his secretative behavior that has brought us to this point: drinking, abuse of medication, inappropriate words written to other women, presence on Internet dating services under a psydonym–and the lying abnd untruths involved in it all. My patience has worn thin, and his belief that I want to “control” him and take away his “freedom” brought me to a new low.

Dear Lord, please touch my husband’s heart and show him that true freedom and happiness comes from humbly giving and accepting the real love in our lives. Help him combat the darkness that brings him to seek the pleasures that could destroy our marriage.

Let him understand that I will grant him his “freedom”, if he can look me in the eye and tell me it’s what will really make him happy, but in return, he’ll need to grant me the actions I need to do in order to not live against my values that stand firmly hand-in-hand with You. I have gotten to the point where I long for my own freedom, just to escape the spiral I have been pulled into. Dear Lord, help me with this struggle.

In paryer and in union with all those suffering from a wounded marriage,

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