Prayer for my marriage

by Carolann Leo (Missouri)

Holy Father,

Please send your peace to my marriage. I want my marriage to succeed even though my husband’s adultery is still so painful. I pray that through hard work, prayer and focus on your teachings that we can start to take the necessary steps to find the love that so strongly brought us together 23 years ago. Please help my husband to understand this is necessary for his children and that they deserve a home with two loving parents. I am not too prideful to take him back. I want the man I married to come back to me and his family. Please separate the hearts of him and his adulterous lover, for their’s is a live built in deceit and evil.

I want another chance to be able to fight for what is so important to me. I want the opportunity to keep my family intact. Please Holy Father I ask that you bless me with the opportunity to pull this marriage back together. Please desperate the hearts of the adultery and allow the beauty of my marriage to blossom again.

In Jesus’ name

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