prayer for my marriage

Heavenly Father, please bring my spouse back to me. Let him see the destruction and grief that he is causing in our family. Let him put your will and the good of our children before his own desires. Let him return to honor and faithfulness.

Please lord, touch the hearts of my husband and his affair partner with your love and mercy. Let each of them realize that their relationship is sinful and destructive. Let them realize that a loving and honorable relationship does not begin with lies and the destruction of a family.

Let my husband realize that I love him and am sorry for the ways I have disappointed him. I am willing to recommit to our marriage, and to offer patience and forgiveness, as you have forgiven me so many times.

I cry out for your mercy in my time of need. Please travel with me and give me strength, whether in rebuilding my marriage or starting a new life on my own. Thy will be done.