Prayer for my Marriage

by Nora (California)

Please, please pray for me! I am so desperate. I committed adultery and have repented before God and my spouse, but my husband now wants a divorce. I love him dearly.

We are both believers, but have not been putting Christ first in our marriage. It has only been a week, but we have been living separately (at his request) and when I talk about prayer he says that we will “never” reconcile. He is not saying overtly mean things to me, he has just detached.

I know he is so very heartbroken, and he does not know the depths of my pain for hurting him, God and our marriage covenant which only hurts myself!

We wanted to have a baby this year. I know that I have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God but this is the man I wanted to be joined with for eternity. I feel like my world has come crashing down.

Please pray for a miracle in my marriage. I want my husband and family back.

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