Prayer for my Marriage to Survive.

Lord, I offer up my marriage to you, so that you may heal our wounds, and restore our union. Lord, I ask you to command my marriage to raise from the dead. I pray that you remove all evil influences and enemies of my marriage. Speak to my wife, soften her heart, and return her to our marriage. I ask that you show my wife that our love is true and that together with God we can be happy again. Lord, you are a tremedous and loving God, and have the power to help spouses reconcile. Lord I ask that you “fix” me and my wife so that we will once again fall into love. Father, I ask that you help me remain calm during this difficult time, so that I may choose my words and actions carefully. I pray that You speak to my wife in her thoughts, dreams, and visions. Show her that divorce is not the solution and will not make her happier. Only through our faith in you and our love in each other will we reach true happiness. Thank you Lord for recieving my prayer and showing my wife the way home. AMEN

Our Story -I have been married to the most amazing woman in the world. In April 2012 it will be 27 years of marriage! She is a great mother, a great daugther, a great family member and a good hearted person. But she is tough as nails and sticks with to her word – a family attorney! We have had problems before as a matter of fact we almost divorced in the late 1990’s. Most problems are caused by me by my infidelity (she retaliated and had her own)and my jealousy (which she sometimes feeds – innocently – I think). Although she has made her share of mistakes, I feel like I am mostly the one that is wrong and the one that causes the flare ups. She is a beautiful and bright woman that works in a men’s world (attorney) so men are always trying to get to her. Anyway after a ‘last straw’ incident which occured when I realized that she was talking to this friend/co-worker in a city about 4 hrs from us for hours each day and that she was deleting some of his text messages – I confronted her and was told basically they are only friends and the deletions were for me not to blow up. When it kept happening I e-mailed the woman I had had the affair with (who lives in another state to congratulate her on her wedding) – my wife found out and here we are – she has told me that we will divorce in August 2012. Our family is very close, two adult children and mother-in-law not to mention my extended family of about 50 that love us and actually think we are the family role models -ironinc! I have not been close to God – but I have been going to church and praying daily as well as I have made my initial appointment to get help with my jealousy. I adore my wife, I adore my family and love my life as it is – I need to save it!! Please pray for us we are from South Florida. I think she loves me and although determined to move on – I beleive she can see that the grass is not greener and that we have come too far to give it up and would not want to see all of this end, – I hope and pray that she will realize this before it is too late. I am very depressed and sadden and although she is strong and can be very cold – I see her a little depressed and is not sitting there celebrating. PLEASE pray for my marriage to survive. The couple from South Florida.