Prayer For My Marriage Life Restoration In The Name Of Jesus Christ

by Deepa J R (Bangalore)

Dear Poster/Sister,

This is to inform you that, I got marry on 21st August 2016 with Mr. Raguraman after that also he is having Immoral relationship with other girl, because of her always he is fighting with me and abusing me, went out of our home, Kindly pray for my husband get back to home, He should realize his sins and he should change his character in the powerful sacred name of Jesus, She well-known we got marry then also she is misguiding him and showing her money and spoiling his thoughts both are roaming state to state very months it is very hurting me I can’t bear the pain which is given by my husband because of her, She dont bother about spoiling others life she wants be happy and roaming with my husband only. But she has a guy and he is waiting to marry her, Kindly pray to “Jesus” she should go away from our life without resist of “Jesus” words in the name of “Jesus”,Kindly pray for my husband get back to home in the name of “Jesus” I don’t cheat anyone in my life as of my knowledge.

Remarks : Who are having Immoral relationship with my husband ( Save my husband from others in the name of “Jesus Christ ” )
Jesus appa kindly change their mind and provide their life with others
Save my husband in the name of “Jesus”
Kindly pray for my husband get back to home in name of “Jesus”
This is my humble request from heart

I need 3 miracles in my life in the name of “Jesus Christ”
First Miracle is my husbanc should change his mind in name of “Jesus Christ” He must be good husband to me and good father to my children in our future, He must trust in Jesus appa’s words and he should always hear Jesus words without refuse or resist.

Second Miracle I want to achieve my aim (Become IAS Officer ) in the name of “Jesus Christ” and Destroy all my enemies in the name of “Jesus Christ”

Third Miracle is that I want a financial breakthrough. God my family have suffered enough and not any more in christ Jesus. I serve a supernatural God and i believe in this miracles in the name of “Jesus Christ” Amen
Kindly pray for us
in the name of “Jesus Christ”

Humble Request : I don’t have anyone in the world without you, Kindly heal my marriage life and change my husband’s character and behaviour in the name of “Jesus”

( She wants to destroy me and she wants my husband for roaming but she has an another guy to get marry, He is waiting for her also, She welknown that We got married on 21st august 2016 then also she is doing bad things with my husband and showing her money and misguiding in him wantedly )

Kindly pray for those wants to destroy us they should be go away from our life In the name of “Jesus” Always I’m praying the name of “Jesus”

( Important Remarks : God has given me a good family, in our family
My lovable parents, Elder brother & Younger brother, Elder sister & Younger sister, My pet ( His name Tiger ) My me in 1996 may 01. that was a happy family, after 1996 may 2nd in my life starting moving in black days.
My life’s 1st black day was 2nd may 1996 ( my younger sister went to heaven )
My life’s 2nd black day was 10th june 1996 ( my lovable father went to heaven )
My life’s 3rd black day was 22 july 2000 ( my elder sister went to heaven )
My life’s 4th black day was 10th may 2007 ( my lovable mother went to heaven )
My life’s 5th black day was 14th march 2011 ( my pet went to heaven )
I bear lot of pain after that my friend enter in my life and he told that if you come in my life I will be happy and my life will be good with you ( I didn’t agreed because he is younger than me then also he forced me and get the marry with me on 21st august 2016 now he is starting to hating me and he is having immoral relationship with other girl, she is cheating to her family members all, Kindly don’t publish my name )

Kindly pray for my marriage life and my husband get back to home in the name of “Jesus” Amen

( “Jesus” should speak with my husband then he must not resist or refuse to “Jesus” words he should follow “Jesus” words in life and he should be change his character and behaviour in the name of “Jesus” Amen )

( Kindly provide me powerful sacred prayer points to me in pdf file for praying )

Awaiting for your reply

Deepa J R

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