Prayer for my marriage, family and a job!

by God Knows (Georgia)

My prayer is for my marriage. It seems as if my husband has been making decisions in our marriage without the both of us being in agreement as I know God would want us to. I also feel that I can not Deciplined our kids because my husband tends to discipline me in front of them, they don’t respect me and its simply because when they step out if line my husband allows it.. Our sons are constantly in fights and they tend to argue each and everyday.. I mention it to my husband but he does not do anything, they have become familiar with this and they just don’t even try.. To them it’s ok to be disrespectful to me and not listen because my husband lets them get away with it.. My husband is saved however he has allowed the devil to use him in such a huge way.. I feel as if I’m the only one Praying and Fasting.. I have been praying for him constantly but I know that I can’t change him, however God can and I Know without a Doubt he Will.. I am also seeking God for a Job, I am trusting God all the way.. At times I feel as if I’m loosing my mind and I pray because God says to cast all of our prayers on him because he cares.. I need Prayer!