Prayer for my Loving Husband

by Tiffany (Michigan)

Hello my husband left me on April 13th after a petty argument that turned into a big fight. We have had a volatile 3 year relationship. Lots to do with in law problems, him flirting, his Jezebel spirited child’s mother and my anger issues. When he left I was battling anxiety, depression and was 8 months pregnant and had gotten into a near fatal car accident due to passing out while driving after one our arguments over his emotional affair with his child’s mother and many other women. He still takes care of our two small children but refuse to discuss our marriage and is adamant about divorce although he hasn’t filed.

I pray the Lord hardens his heart to Satan’s wicked ways and the seductive spirits of loose women. I pray God renews his mind and softens his heart to me and his children. I pray he ends this affair once and for all. I bind all evil spirits that are attacking my family and my husband. I pray he returns home a new Christ like creature and repents to myself and God. I pray we do marriage the right way this time with God first. I have prayed and know its Gods will. I only need God to bring it to past. We have a deep love for each other and for God. We just need more godly counsel and minds towards the bible ways. Please pray my husband returns soon and that we both be the godly man and woman operating in our purposes as we should be. I pray I become a more trustful, compassionate, respectful and submissive wife as well.

Thanks for your prayers. Amen

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