Prayer for my lover to come back, have serious relationship and have good communication

by Juston Elly (Namibia)

Father Lord am here before you. Father forgive me. Lord bring back my lover in my life. i love him so much father. i need him to be my future husband. father Lord you said whatever we ask in prayers we must believe that we will get it in the name of Jesus. father Lord i command even power of satanic causing this separation, to be broken in the name of Jesusu. Lord i need him father have mercy on me. let us father have the serious relationship in Jesus name. increase the sprity of communication in our love. father i cry every day and night for him to come back in my life father send your holy sprity to touch him for me to be always in his heart. father let your holy sprity intervine in my relationship Lord. hear my prayer father Lord in Jesus name. Amen

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