Prayer for My Love.

by Alyssa ()

Dear Lord, i know that I do not speak to you enough, and I am not the best Christian, but I am trying. I have repented for the sins I have made, I have praised you for the good you have done in my life, and I have faith that you will restore what I have lost. My dearest love, Landon, left me. He left because of my insecurities.

I became jealous, paranoid, and overprotective of him. We stopped laughing and having fun together, So he left. I know now that I should have turned to you for strength and guidance, instead of changed who I was. But I know, deep down in every bone, with my whole being, that Landon is my soulmate. We were meant to be together.

I have made a lot of mistakes, but loving him is not one of them, and it never will be. I just ask for one more chance to prove that him and I are meant to be. I ask that you restore our love for each other and let it thrive for eternity. We will make you proud, i swear, and i will never give up on him.

Please give us both the strength to overcome our differences, and do the same for others in similar situations. Please don’t give up on us, please give me one more chance with my beloved.