Prayer for my love to return

by Estella (Texas)

Oh Holy Father I come to you in the best way I know how. I pray that you may forgive me for my wrongs and my mistakes. I beg you to please open the heart of my former lover Josh who has left me broken hearted after so much time and love together.

I love him truly and honestly oh heavenly father. Without him I feel lost and hurt. We both have done our wrongs but have not been unfaithful. The pure hurt of just the thought has caused us to separate. I pray oh father that you will warm his heart to me, allow him to love me and return with the love he once had for me at the beginning.

That we may trust each other and love as deeply as you will allow us to oh father. Please allow those who speak against us go silent into the night and bless us with a happy life. Please oh father allow him to forgive me and give me the chance to prove my love for him.

Give me the chance to show him that love comes from within not from looks or riches. Please Oh Heaven Father bless us both today and let him return home to me tonight. In your name I pray

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  1. Faith


    You will be ok

    The Lord knows what you are going thru

    Please go to church each Sunday

    Important very very

    Jesus also needs you

    He calls you

  2. pls pray for me my love returns

    Pls lord help me to join with my lover I have done lot of my mistakesand hurt you too much pls forgive my sin and help me to join wit her wir fullhearted peace me and my ansi should see 3 generation pls lord help me to join wit my ansi soon and marry her soon thanks for hearing my prayer I ask in the name of our lord jesus christ amen

  3. He will

    I share the exact prayer for you and I will pray for you. Please trust in the Lord and He will grant you what you want. Believe that is is yours. that he is yours. and it is. Do not let doubt take over your mind for a second. You will get to your destination but please be patient and trust in God, He will answer you. Have faith. I have faith myself that my love will return and I know you can do it. Show God how much you want him and He will grant it to you.

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