Prayer for My Love to Come Back to Me


Dear god, I know that I don’t pray as much as I should, and I can never thank you enough for all the good things you have brought into my life! I know I almost always just pray and ask you for your help when I need it!

As you already know, the man that I love with all of my heart left me last September, convinced I was cheating on him and I wasn’t and you know that! I am asking you to help him find his way back to me, open his eyes and make him see that I love him and there’s no way that I would ever do the things he thinks I have done to hurt him!

Help him to see what we have together! Please, make him understand that I love him and I don’t want anyone else in my life, he is everything that I want and so much more! I know that I’m not perfect by no means, no one Is! I know that I can be a real pain but can’t we all! I love him god and I want us to have our life back!

There is no reason for him to be gone, help him see that I’m not out to hurt him, I just want him to love me, and that’s it! I have never wanted anything or anyone else, just him! He is more then just my lover he’s my best friend! Life has been very hard for me without him in it, I just want him to come home, he’s the love of my life, the one that I’m suppose to grow old with he’s my forever!

I love him more then anyone will ever know, Please bring him back to me, show him how much I truly love him, there could never be anyone that could ever take his place! I know we have our problems, just like everyone of else but there not worth throwing away everything that we have together, he is my one and only, and I can’t let him go, I don’t want to!

Thank you god for listening to my problems! there’s no reason in this world me and him aren’t together right now! Could you please help me, I would be so great full! In the name of Jesus Thank you god, AMEN!

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