Prayer for my Love relationship

by Maanik (New Delhi, India)

“Great Almighty GOD, Hear this prayer”

Dear Lord, i seek your help in my love relation. You already know everything, since beginning & i know you can see it all. Firstly, i offer my gratitude for all the belief that you have given me. You know our pain, suffocation, & emotions.
Since 5th Aug, we haven’t met, & after what all happened when i went to talk to he parents, & got rejected on financial & social base ; i was completely lost , hopeless, & depressed. When i talked to her over phone, i could sense her helpless & giving up situation, as parents denied & she’s not able to make them understand. I wish they understand, Money, or society is all outside, what matters most is peace of mind, Love can bring that, not money.
Please bless Hitali with courage, to come back for our love. So, this suffocation ends, & we both can start our life, which is in a paused condition. Together, we have always been happy.. We shared love, with compassion. & those emotions were all real. Please bless my energy flow, to bring that charge, that i can forward your belief to her & she collects all the strength within, & with belief in you, trust in our bond of love, she comes back to me.
Together, we are One energy, please bless us both to become that one strong energy. Our Love needs your blessings to rise beyond this hard time. Please bless us, i pray on behalf of us together.

May your mercy be upon us, & your blessings bring our love back to life.