Prayer for my love and my business

by Fely (India)

Please pray for me I want more n more to pray for evryday in my life,I belived God I trusted him I submit my prayer last week bt I cnt recognise which one i submitted my prayer again coj I was so much in I belived God n I want more yesterday I came to my shop I dnt have any money to pay my bill I’m too much worried n I search it from online prayer,I read n submitted it,bt after three hour left the meracle came to me I dnt expect anythings bt som of my friends came to my shop n buy lots of dresses s very surprise n they dnt knw my shop also one of my friend bring them.oh my God I’m so much happy when I was thinking that what will I eat if I dnt have money n God just answer my prayer through from the angel.i was in problm of bf I can’t do nothing my business got down bt I see if I pray with seriously n belived God answer my five years bf told me he is not ready to get marry that is why I got all those things n suffer my life I pray for him also he did not talk to me two days n never show me anythings I always saw his mood off I’m too worried bt last night He send me msg n asked me what am I still doing at home?.bt I dnt want to reply him later on he called me he told me he didnot eat he miss my cooked n he told me I’m trying to runaway from him n asking me to cum n stop all things we fight.he relly not feeling fine coj of me n worried that I leave him. I was too shock I thank to God n told him I belived u GOD u never left me anyone who pray for him n asked with full of consent ration n trust n belived.its very powerfull God human r very luck coj we have The powerfull God who is always with us if we forget him he never forget us n always ready to help us n forgive us.God is great