Prayer for my love and I to reunite

by Kait (Toronto)

Dear God Almighty,

You have blessed me with bringing a very special man into my life. I did not appreciate this wonderful person when he was in my life. I took for granted your gift to me, and I confess my error in doing so.

Dear Lord, him and I had the basis of what a true relationship is. Everything about us was so beautiful, pure, and sincere. The small gestures we gave to each other will never be able to be found in someone else. We both didn’t ask for anything from each other.

Lord, he is living in a different country from me now but he will be coming back in 7 months. All I ask from you is that we will reunite. The relationship between him and I is exactly what you would want from two people – compassion, caring, respect and love.

Please oh Lord I pray that you will forgive my actions in not appreciating this wonderful man that you brought into my life. I also pray that in your forgiveness you bring him back to me.

Thank you God for all of your blessings.